We offer sliding-scale fees to not-for-profit organisations and the public sector, and also to small businesses that practice social or environmental responsibility. We should also mention – we are a triple bottom line business ourselves!


LISE PALMER  [Founder]

Lise Palmer (MA) is the founder of Spark, and is known for her participative democratic approach to increasing organisational effectiveness. She has consulted with a wide variety of organisations – from federal government, to grassroots not-for-profits, to Fortune 500 companies.

In addition to consulting, she promotes better practices in organisation development through workshops, publications, conferences, and special events. She has delivered training and guest lectured at Concordia and McGill Universities, and presented at academic conferences. She also contributes to various learning communities of professional consultants. In 2009 she co-founded The Changing Room which brought together change agents in the Montreal area to exchange and dialogue, and she has been guest speaker for professional organisations such as the Montreal Trainers Group and the British Columbia Organization Development Network (BCODN). She is currently an active member of Quebec’s Organization Development Network (“DOD”).

Lise is a member of the Academy of Management and board member of Montreal not-for-profit L’Abri En Ville. She has an MA in Human Systems Intervention, which specializes in group psycho-dynamics and systems thinking. Lise also draws on her background in social work and cultural anthropology to provide culturally appropriate, strengths-based interventions with her clients.


LINDA OVERING  [Administrator, Researcher, Facilitator]

Linda Overing believes strongly in the power of critical thinking, respectful interaction, and dynamic facilitation to foster agency and inspire positive change. She has a BA in Philosophy, with a Minor in Education, and is presently pursuing a PhD in Educational Studies. Linda has experience in the education field as a teacher, researcher, and community volunteer. As an administrator, she brings many years of office management experience, well-honed interpersonal skills, and a desire to assist in developing and maintaining an effective and pleasant work environment.


LYNNEA DUNCAN [Field Partner]

Co-founder of Duncan2Consulting, Lynnea has 20 years experience in the federal government in various roles including senior advisor, manager, and executive. She is seasoned in helping senior officials with leading large scale, complex transformations and introducing collaborative and participative methods resulting in sustained change, increased organizational capacity and employee engagement. Fully bilingual in English and French, she is a member of the Okanagan First Nation.

Lynnea holds an MA in Applied Human Sciences, an Organizational Development certificate from the National Training Laboratories, and is a professionally certified coach.



Jonathan Braunstein has spent over ten years helping teams develop, change, and overcome their challenges. Jonathan has transitioned his professional network from the corporate setting to not-for-profit, public sector, and Corporate Social Responsibility consulting.

His unique exposure to a diversity of organizational cultures gives Jonathan the ability to easily place himself in a CEO’s shoes trying to meet a triple bottom line, while also designing employee-centered approaches that empower employees to be part of the conversation and mobilize toward collective goals. He has applied his methodologies in settings ranging from pharmaceutical, IT and retail, to not-for-profit and community service organizations; he has brought an innovative approach to achieving their organizational unity and success.

In 2010, Jonathan was nominated for having developed one of Canada’s Best Corporate Team Building experiences in 2010 by the CEIA. He holds an MA in Human Systems Intervention.




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