WE HELP ORGANISATIONS OPERATE MORE EFFECTIVELY. We work with teams and leaders on their internal processes to make their organisations more vibrant, sustainable, healthy, and effective.



WE OFFER PROCESS CONSULTATION on a variety of topics. This means we guide you and your team through a process of initial exploration, articulate the issue, and design a solution. This is a participative approach for topics such as culture change, work design, conflict and other team dynamics, and change management. This approach also works for targeted goals such as becoming more agile, breaking down company silos, and improving collaboration between levels of management.


WE WORK COLLABORATIVELY WITH YOU. Many consultants take an “expert” approach, assessing your organisation and leaving you with recommendations to implement. However, research* consistently demonstrates that despite initial advances, many of these initiatives fail to stick. Input, participation and buy-in from those who are actually implementing the solutions are key, and that is why we choose participative and collaborative approaches; they are more effective.


WE BUILD OUR PRACTICE ON SOLID RESEARCH ABOUT TODAY’S ORGANISATIONS. Our small team is able to offer cutting edge support by drawing upon Open Systems Theory, Appreciative Inquiry, Design Thinking, and Action Science. The approach we offer to organisations in working with them always reflects our understanding of current literature on organisations and demonstrated track records.


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*For example, research by Kotter, Hammer & Champy, and Beer & Noria between 1993 and 2010 has consistently demonstrated failure rates of 70% and higher when change management initiatives are tracked over a 1 year period.