Purpose & Profit

SPARK can help your organization find ways to pursue both profit and purpose, and better yet, to ensure that the two mutually reinforce one another.

Whether you’re a not-for-profit organization interested in generating revenue, or a corporation looking to deepen your commitment to social or environmental responsibility, we can guide you through a process to discover points of convergence and complementarity. You can avoid the trap of merely splitting your resources between purpose and profit, watering down your organization’s strengths as you endlessly attempt to compromise.

We offer the following services to teams and organizations:


Purpose & Profit Synergy: a 1 day workshop

SPARK founder Lise Palmer and SPARK Field Partner Jonathan Braunstein offer this hands-on session within organizations, usually for senior leadership.

In the morning, presentations, activities, and simulations are offered. They draw on the principles of Polarity Management to illuminate the dynamic tension of purpose and profit and to share strategies for building synergy between the two.

The afternoon is spent applying this knowledge to your specific situation. Lise and Jonathan guide your group through a process of mapping, exploring, and strategizing, ending with time for you to clearly articulate your next steps.

As a result of this one day workshop, you will be able to see new opportunities for organizational growth and effectiveness and be ready to implement them, whether you decide to do so through day decision-making or by shifting your vision or strategic plan.

Read about the workshop leaders.

E-mail lise@sparkorganisations.com to request a quote.


Dynamic Tension Assessment

We offer a short assessment process to gain a temporary snapshot of your organization’s level and types of dynamic tension.

Does your organization experience an “at odds” polarizing of purpose and profit, of individual and team, or of quality and quantity? These are just a few examples of some of the common dynamic tension points found in organizations.

Understanding what polarities your organization deals with, and the extent to which they are in tension with each other, equips leaders and employees to deal with them effectively, and sometimes even transform the dynamic completely.

After an interactive group interview and a short online survey, we present the results of our assessment to you during a short presentation. We then offer an optional process to guide your team in deciding what these results mean for your organization.

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Process Consultation

This open and flexible process offers a deeper opportunity to explore the synergy between purpose and profit. Sometimes this topic is inextricably connected to others, such as a change in leadership or a shift in the mission of the organization. Process Consultation provides the necessary flexibility to define the scope of our work together in a way that is most effective for your organization at this time.

When we enter into Process Consultation with you, our first step is to understand your organization, your ways of working, and your goals for bringing us in. We then co-design a process to meet those goals. At the end of our work together, we jointly reflect and evaluate our success.

Process Consultation can take a few weeks or several months, depending on the goals, defined scope, and the pace of work. We contract at a daily rate. Note that SPARK offers sliding scale fees for purpose-driven organizations.

E-mail lise@sparkorganisations.com to request a free initial meeting.