WE HELP ORGANISATIONS OPERATE MORE EFFECTIVELY. We work with teams and leaders on their internal processes to make their organisations more vibrant, sustainable, healthy, and effective.


WE OFFER PROCESS CONSULTATION on a variety of topics. This means we guide you and your team through a process of initial exploration, articulate the issue, and design a solution. This is a participative approach for topics such as culture change, work design, conflict and other team dynamics, and change management. This approach also works for targeted goals such as becoming more agile, breaking down company silos, and improving collaboration between levels of management.


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Traditional structures, job descriptions, roles and responsibilities are thrown into question with today’s rapidly changing environment and emerging technologies. We work with you to assess your environment, technology, work processes, and goals to ensure the best design fit given all the options.



Too often, an oversimplified view of ‘culture’ leads to failed efforts to change it. Creating long-term impact on an organisation’s culture requires sustained efforts over time to change behaviours and the work processes that support them. We can work with you to create a realistic approach to culture change using a fusion of cultural anthropology and management consulting, backed by solid research on what works.



“Conflict competence” is needed now more than ever. Today’s organisations have higher levels of diversity than earlier decades combined with work processes that require more collaboration. This combination tends to produce conflict, which we associate with turnover, absenteeism, and low performance. What is often overlooked is that diverse and inter-dependent workplaces have the potential to outperform others. When conflict is managed well, it stimulates creativity and innovation, feasibility testing, rigour, quality, and effectiveness.

Instead of an inter-personal approach to conflict, we use systems thinking to help your organisation decrease tolerance of unhealthy conflict, increase the incidence of creative conflict, and learn to distinguish the two.



Recently, communities have begun to learn from the corporate sector, and vice versa. Companies are becoming more interested in borrowing techniques from the world of  ‘community development’ within their organisations and beyond. We help your organisation authentically connect to your employees, stakeholders, and community, and we help them to connect back with you, leading to sustainable engagement.



Collaborations between highly different organisations – and sometimes even between competitors – are increasingly sought after. While these partnerships are more challenging than routine collaborations between like-minded organisations, they can be more enriching. We specialize in helping organisations to establish high-difference partnerships and to manage them effectively.



We work with non-profit boards, corporate leadership teams, departments, and other groups to stimulate healthy and productive dynamics. We are especially interested in using pre-existing team strengths to overcome challenges, and to increase synergy, collaboration, commitment, and performance.




We also design and facilitate special meetings, events, and conferences. The approach we take to design reflects our emphasis on creating engagement with all participants.

We provide custom-designed strategic planning sessions. These can be developed for and with senior leadership, and, when appropriate, with the involvement of a larger group.

Skillful facilitation can change the course of a critical meeting or event. An expert facilitator is able to bridge the cross-functional and cross-cultural aspects of an organisation, shifting how diversity plays out so that it is entirely an advantage in groups and teams. Conflict can be reframed from being unproductive or traumatic to something that galvanizes energy and opens up creativity and innovation. When participants feel a safe space is being created to explore a contentious issue, the conversation changes.



Many change initiatives fail partially or completely, especially when tracked over the medium to long term. We take a strengths-based approach to working with change that takes into account the complexity of your organisation. We emphasize the need for democratic participation in order to achieve authentic engagement, help you transform resistance into helpful critique, and build a broad base of commitment for implementation.



Do you focus on people, or do you focus on profit? It is possible for organisations to experience the benefits of both dynamic opposites such as people/profit, compete/collaborate, and individual/team. However, when these dynamic tensions are not recognized as the polarities that they are and are seen as two mutually exclusive options, organisations can become mired in an internal tug-of-war.

We can work with you to map out and master your organisation’s dynamic tension points. This can be a flexible process, or your organisation can participate in our four step process Mastering Dynamic Tension. This initiative is for leaders in organisations who want to:

1. understand how dynamic tension works

2. include staff in mapping out their organisation’s dynamic tension points

3. agree on Indicators & Actions to successfully manage those tension points in future; and

4. evaluate and support ongoing implementation during a final working session.

The total time commitment to participate in Mastering Dynamic Tension is one full day for participating staff or middle management and one and a half to two days for senior leaders.


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