HighlightCONFLICT COMPETENCE IS NEEDED IN TODAY’S ORGANISATIONS MORE THAN EVER. Today’s employees have higher levels of diversity than earlier decades, combined with complex work processes that require greater inter-dependence. This combination tends to produce conflict, which we often associate with turnover, absenteeism, and low performance.


BUT CONFLICT CAN BE GOOD. What is often overlooked is that diverse and inter-dependent workplaces have the potential to out-perform others. When diversity is managed well, it manifests as creative conflict, which stimulates creativity, innovation, feasibility testing, rigour, and positive change. This translates to a competitive advantage over organisations with homogenous workplaces.


ALL KINDS OF DIVERSITY CONTRIBUTE to this potential. Divergent thinking styles, ways of working, world-views, workplace practices of radically different disciplines, cultures, genders – all this difference can produce ‘creative conflict’.


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